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Video poker has a short history, with the earliest models coming onto the scene in the mid 1970s, being created by SIRCOMA for commercial casinos. The objective of video poker is to achieve the highest possible five card poker hand from the cards that are dealt to you. The game is played against the house, usually with a standard deck of 52 cards.

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Expert Advice to Win at Video Poker

If a player knows how to play poker, then learning the rules of video poker is a simple game to learn. With its quick turn over of cards, it is for players who are looking for more action than a table poker game. Video poker is known as a game with a very low house edge, a potential for large wins and has an excellent advantage for the player. In some variants, there is almost no house edge if the right strategies are applied. Experts suggest that players look for the games with the most liberal pay tables.

Online Video Poker Tips

It is imperative that before players start to play online videopoker they should become familiar with the hand rankings of traditional poker in order to make sound decisions and strengthen the skill factor of video poker. In addition, it’s important to learn the rules and basic strategy of each video poker variant chosen in order to bring down the house edge to the very minimum.

Famous Video Poker Pros

Bob Dancer is a highly acclaimed video poker writer who has made millions of dollars playing the game. His work Million Dollar Video Poker recounts the first year of his video poker career, culminating in a six month period where he made over $1 million.