Video Poker

Video Poker isn’t your typical garden-variety card selection. There are cards, yes, and you can wager money on the outcomes of each hand, but the thing that separates this one from most of the sit around the table and drink beer while you play versions is the fact that it is computerized. This brings things to a whole new level, since the technology throws in possibilities that you could never have with a standard deck of cards. Just the sheer numbers of rounds that can be played thanks to the efficiency and expedience with which the cards are dealt, winnings calculated and tables cleared already amplifies your experience exponentially. Wondering what else a riveting round of Video Poker might hold for you? Sit down at one of our tables, and find out right away!

Why Video Poker Trumps The Other Versions

Video Poker is popular among the crowd because it invites you to play your favourite card extravaganza in a hyper speed mode. As we mentioned, everything is done automatically by the system, from the shuffling to the dealing and the divvying up of winnings. With all of that taken care of by the computer, it frees up your hands to play more and more rounds! And, after all, isn’t that why you are here?

Video Poker is exciting not just because it gives you more chances to win at a faster pace than you have ever played before, but it is also a great opportunity to explore new versions that you might not have even known existed. Below we’ve listed just a few of the fantastic options that you can try whenever you like right here on our gambling platform. Most of them are even run in free mode, so you won’t be spending any money at all while you test drive these new and exciting options. Give them all a whirl!

Loads of Video Poker Games

Aces and Faces: Each version of video poker has its own rich history and unique twist, even if it plays mostly like all the other ones. In Aces and Faces, the quirk is that the aces and the face cards are worth more than they usually are. If you get four aces, for example, this will rank higher than a straight flush (which is usually better). A set of four of the same face cards (in other words, four kings, four queens or four jacks) will outrank another set of four cards. You can play this in the standard single hand mode, or in a 25-line version.

Deuces Wild: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that twos have a starring role in this game. Deuces Wild makes twos wild. This only makes things more exciting because it means you are going to have to change up your typical strategy for a new one. Get those thinking caps on and start playing this fun version! By the way, Deuces Wild can be played in the regular one hand way, or you can have four times the fun by opting for the 4-line version.

All American: All American is a great version with simple rules. If you can’t get enough of those stars and stripes, then you are going to want to check out this exciting option. Aside from all the familiar symbols that are on the screen, you get an added bonus in the form of a double down stage. This is an added gamble option that gives you the opportunity to go double or nothing on your winnings.

You’ll also have a blast trying out 2 Ways Royal, Jacks or Better, 10’s or Better and a few other surprises that we’ve got. In fact, we’ve got so many online casino games for you to enjoy.