Online Slots

Whether you know them as one-armed bandits, fruit machines or Slots, these easy to learn and fun to play games have been casino staples since they arrived on the scene in the 1800s. Players enjoy Slots games because of their multi-layered action and multiple rewards in the form of special features and bonus rounds – and with games available around the clock that make the most of modern technology, online slots are more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

Whether you like to play 3D games, progressive jackpots, video slots or interactive bonus features, our online slots games have something to offer. Available in both download and flash software, in Practice play or for Real Money, we strive to bring you quality, choice and unbeatable entertainment, every time you log in to your online casino account and play.

Slots History and Background

Americans Sittman and Pitt invented the first-ever gambling drum, and this paved the way for the slots games we are familiar with today. The original drum consisted of a lever and 50 card faces, and the first payouts were in the form of food and drinks, with winning combinations based on standard poker hand hierarchy. To play, people would stake one nickel for a pull of the lever; this would spin the drum and decide the outcome. The idea was reasonably popular, but the payouts were not enticing enough for the game to reach its full potential.

This all changed later in the 1800s when a car mechanic (Charles Fey of San Francisco) unexpectedly developed a new, five cent game that consisted of three spinning reels and five symbols. This was called the Liberty Bell – after the jackpot symbol on its reels – and it was very similar to the slots you still see today. The other icons used on its reels were diamonds, spades, hearts, and horseshoes, but the main difference was the change in prizes. People no longer played for incentives, they played for cash. And this meant that the game exploded on the scene all around America, and then – as travel became easier and cheaper and more commonplace – around the world.

Eventually, the Liberty Bell symbols were replaced with fruit symbols - hence the basis of the nickname ‘fruit machine’ – and several designs began to appear on the scene, with players choosing their machine based on its overall look and feel, as well as its payout options. The 1960s changed things even further with the introduction of electromagnetic games. The side lever became unnecessary and was removed, and computerised buttons became the standard controls on any slots game. By the 1970s, slots took over the biggest part of any casino floor.

The most significant changes came when the internet was invented – as it grew into an everyday household feature, the demand for more accessible games and web-based entertainment grew, and this meant the imminent creation of the online casino. It became possible to access casino games twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. And without restrictions in terms of the space required for a physical machine, there was no longer any need to queue, waiting for a favourite game to become free. Online games also offered many other improvements, with interactive bonus features, scatters, wilds and games bonuses all readily available – and in the comfort of a player’s home.

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How to Play: Slots Rules

When you play Slots, you choose from one of two different categories – Slots or Video Slots. The idea is basically the same but the overall look, feel and design differs. If you’re not sure of what the differences entail, read on…

Slots: These games consist of reels that spin, and those reels are covered in a variety of themed icons that decide the outcome of the game when they settle on the reels. The reels are spun at a player’s command, once the coin level and number of activated paylines are set, and the player receives a payout if one of the winning combinations (as shown on the paytable) lands on an activated payline. Paylines are usually in simple horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns. Special features include wild symbols, scatters, free spins and bonus games.

Video slots: These share the same premise as traditional machines, but they are usually more hi-tech when it comes to their design. The reels are often animated rather than spinning, with special cascading icons. There are usually more paylines to activate and the winning formations extend beyond the usual vertical, horizontal and diagonal patterns, with zig-zags and V shapes also possible (these are shown when activated). Bonus levels and features are often more interactive, and there are also mini intro videos available on some games.

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How to Play: Our Software

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer traditional online Slots or Video Slots, you can choose to play on Download software or flash, for Real Money or in Practice play. The only difference is that to play for Real Money you need to register a account and make a deposit, and the prizes you play for consist of real cash, rather than virtual chips. There are also more games available to choose from when you play for Real Money, because you can play for progressive jackpots.

Whatever slots game you decide to play, our software works in the same way each time. You set your coin level using the + and – or arrow buttons, then you activate the number of paylines you wish to play (at a cost of one coin per payline) and then hit Spin to get the game in motion. Watch the game play out on your spinning or cascading reels, and wait to see what icons settle on your activated paylines to see whether you’ve won a payout. Our software is designed to automatically highlight your winnings on the machine, and if there are multiple wins, it will accumulate your winnings and add the total to your bankroll in an instant.

Some of the software buttons you might need to know include:

Bet One: Click this to activate one payline at a time – each click will highlight the payline you are activating. You will then need to hit Spin to indicate you are ready to start the game.

Bet Max: Click this to bet the maximum number of paylines possible and spin the reels in a single move.

Collect: This button appears when you hit a winning combination. Click this to collect your winnings and add them to your bankroll.

Spin: Click this to set the reels – whether cascading or spinning – in motion. When the reels settle, the symbol combinations on your reels will determine the outcome of the game and whether you have won a prize.

Gamble: This button will appear if you hit a winning combination that offers you the chance to double your payout. If you decide to gamble and win, you receive 2x your original winnings – but if you lose during the gamble feature, you lose your original winnings also.

Autostart / Autoplay: This feature allows you to specify a number of games you would like to play in succession, without having to activate the game each time. You set the coin level, the number of paylines you would like to activate, and the number of games you would like to watch play out – up to a maximum of 50. When you have all your options in order, hit Autoplay / Autostart and watch you games play out. You can hit the Stop button at any time to instantly stop this feature.

Stop: You can use this button to stop the reels from spinning at any time during your game – and to also stop the Autoplay / Autostart feature as required.

Play for Real Money: you will only see this option if you play in Practice Mode. Click this to open an online casino account that enables you to play for real cash prizes.

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Special features

There are a variety of special features when you play slots at an online casino – some of which may be new to you if you are used to playing on physical machines. These bonus features are created to enhance your overall game and online slots experience, giving you more opportunities to complete winning combinations, earn some free spins, or increase your winnings via multipliers. Some features don’t even need to land on activated paylines to benefit your game; read on to understand some of the most common special features and how they can assist you as you play.

Wilds: these icons are used to help you complete winning combinations, by substituting all the other icons on the reels. For instance, if a Jack is wild on the game you play, you could land 10, 7, 9, 10, Jack on the reels – and the Jack would then automatically count as a 10 to complete a three of a kind winning combination (if that was a winning combination shown on your payout table). Wilds give you more opportunity to win – the only icon that a wild will not substitute is a scatter (see below).

Sticky Wilds: A sticky wild is a wild symbol that has an extra special function because it will stay in position on the reels for a number of spins – the number of spins will be specified in your games rules.

Freezing Wilds: Another name for a sticky wild.

Expanding Wilds: These wilds function like any standard wild symbol, but when one appears on the reel, it will expand to fill the whole reel for that spin, giving you a massive opportunity to complete winning combinations across your activated paylines.

Scatters: These bonus features are unique because they do not need to be on an activated payline to assist your game. Scatters can land anywhere on the reels, and when you hit the minimum number required (as shown in the rules section of your chosen online slots game) you will activate a bonus game.

Bonus game: A bonus game is an interactive game that pops up on your screen when activated by fulfilling the necessary criteria – e.g. 3 or more scatters on your reels or hitting a specific symbol combination. Bonus games add a fun element, but also provide you with extra rewards such as free spins, multipliers and on the spot cash prizes.

Free spins: When you trigger the free spins via the specified criteria you will receive a number of free spins on the reels, at no cost to you. In some games, free spins can be retriggered without an upper limit, giving you lots of extra time at the reels for free.

Progressive jackpot: This is an extra side bet in Real Money games only. The jackpot is linked across several machines and increases in value as players opt in to the extra side bet. There is no upper limit to the jackpot payout and when the jackpot is triggered randomly it is immediately reset to the base amount.

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Open an account and play for real money

To open a account, click on the Play For Real Money button and input the requested identification and security details to activate your account. Read and accept the terms and conditions and then head to the Cashier section to make your initial deposit.

When you add funds to your account, you can choose from a wide range of payment providers including Credit Cards, Debit Cards and online e-wallets. Select your preferred method, state the amount that you would like to deposit, then follow the on-screen instructions from your payment provider. As soon as payment is verified, it will show in your bankroll, ready for you to play your favourite online casino games.

If you choose to play your online Slots and other online games with us and you are a new player, you can claim an exclusive 100% Welcome Bonus up to a maximum bonus amount of $777. This 100% match bonus duplicates the amount that you add to your account when you make your initial deposit. You simply opt in to the Welcome Bonus when you see the pop-up window at the time of making your deposit. As soon as your funds clear in your account, we will match the amount instantly to your bankroll, up to a maximum of $777.