Online Slots Categories

Online slots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from single-line classic fruit machines, to multi-line games with unqiue themes. Not sure what type to play? Don’t worry; we can show you just what to do. You can read up on the history of slots, or jump to our article about how to play. If you ever get stuck, reading the rules of the game can help.

  • Single-line: Single-line options are the easiest and the most basic form of online slots. These are designed to replicate the one-armed bandits that were found in saloons all over America. Most of them have an old-school design, along with some retro features. All you have to do is pick your bet, press 'Spin' and hope a winning combo appears on the single payline. It's that simple.
  • Multi-line: Multi-line games, as the name suggests, have more than one payline. The number of paylines varies from game to game, but these can go over 50! These casino games are usually have a lot going on throughout the round to keep you entertained. With popular movie and TV themes, it's no wonder these slot machines are amongst most player's favourites.
  • Progressive: A progressive slot game is a game which has a progressive jackpot. This jackpot builds and builds the more players spin in that game. It takes a percentage of every bet placed and puts it in the pot, meaning these can grow to millions.