Online Blackjack

There is something indescribable about the kind of fun that can be had with friends over a deck of cards. You have a good beverage in one hand, a bowl of snacks on the table in front of you, a great song playing in the background, and a couple of buddies huddled around for some good, old-fashioned gambling fun. If this description is conjuring up some nostalgic memories for you, then you’ll be glad to hear that we are giving you a key to unlock those great times you remember from way back when. We can’t bring back your youth, childhood friends or that great head of hair you once had with our Online Blackjack tables, but we can still deliver one of the best forms of gambling entertainment out there straight to your fingertips. If you are looking for an easy way to blow off some steam and flash back to those good old days, then our club is the best destination for you. Take a look! But before you getting started you have to know the basics rules and how to play in this game.

Online Blackjack Variants

Who’s ready for some Online Blackjack? If you answered yes, you’ll be glad to hear that we have the widest selection of these card challenges out there. If you thought that there was only one true 21-card option, boy have you got another thing coming to you! In fact, we have almost a dozen different variations on this theme, and we are pretty confident that you are going to find them all as entertaining as the original. You might even find a new one that challenges your skills and peaks your interests beyond that classic version, so try them all and be amazed at what you find out! Here’s a quick break down of some of our favourites over at

  • Lucky: Lucky is all about, well luck! You have to guess the outcome of the hand, and if you do, you’re the lucky winner, literally! Try this fast-paced option if you are in the mood of things moving faster than usual.
  • Surrender: Who hasn’t had a few hands where their luck was just down in the dumps? We’ve all been there, and we would have to agree that the worst part of it all was having to sit through the torture of a round that you know is going to end in a loss without any hope for reprieve. Well, good news to all you punters out there; you just got your reprieve! In the Surrender version, you have the chance to fold as soon as you see that the cards dealt to you won’t be fruitful, and, the best part is, you only lose half of the wager you made. That means you are walking away with half of the bet back in your pocket. Not too shabby.
  • Progressive: Progressive jackpots are probably some of the most exciting options from all of our online casino games. That’s because nothing can really trump a mounting jackpot that can crack open at any time and shower you with the kind of winnings you could only dream of! Well, now you can play the progressive jackpot alongside your favourite card varieties with this option, so start betting, and see where it leads!

The History of Online Blackjack

Do you know little bit about this game history? where this sport originates? It actually isn’t clear exactly where or when it was invented, but a Spanish author by the name of Miguel de Cervantes mentions this favoured pastime in one of his books. Apparently, the story is about a pair of swindlers who took people in by playing an unusual recreation with them called 21. This was none other than the loveable card challenge that you are settling down to play right now. Anyway, that was all the way back in 1601, and it only gained in popularity since then. Imagine playing the same kind of amusement that was entertaining folks for over four hundred years? Just the stay-ability of it earns Online Blackjack major props!

So now that you know everything there is to know about this unbelievable pastime, you can just jump into the fun, and see what it feels like to be a winner now!